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Today your website must be 'mobile friendly' and responsive

Back in 2015, Google implemented a new algorithm to help make searches on mobile devices much more efficient.

In plain english, if your site is not ‘mobile friendly’ it probably isn't being displayed in Google search listings on mobile devices. That’s an enormous amount of potential clients that may never get to see your site. According to recent studies more than 60% of searches are now done on mobile devices.

So what is a responsive website? Well, a responsive website will adapt to display gracefully on desktop computers, tablets, smartphones and other devices. A responsive website looks great and is user friendly no matter whether you’re looking at it on a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

Having a responsive website gives you a great advantage because you only need update your website from one place and you don’t present your potential customers with the obstacle of having to download an app.

Reach all of your potential clients on all their devices
We work closely with you to create a high quality web site that is custom designed and reflects the best solution for your requirements.

Your website will be built to the latest W3C standards, ensuring it is compatible with all the different web browsers and of equal importance; very search engine friendly. Your website will be device independent, allowing it to adapt to any device from a large flatscreen TV to a small smartphone. Responsive websites bring a lot more traffic and a lot more business!

The first impression your website makes is the most important!
Initial impressions have a phenomenal impact on the way people browse your web site. By choosing 'Shrunga Software - Web Design' for your next website project, you will have a professionally designed website that is both visually attractive and easy to navigate.

Whether you are starting from scratch or you need to redesign you current web site, we will provide a clean, professional design to ensure attention getting results. Each of our designs is unique and crafted for the purpose of setting you apart from your competition.

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Responsive design development is an excellent solution for developing all devices, friendly web applications and websites. Its is a forward thinking technology, so we develop sites that will work on the next year's devices as well. Our responsive websites change its appearance and layout based on the size of the screen the website is displayed on.

Certain key features of our responsive web designing services are as follows:

Dimensions: The length and breadth of the website is generally rigid. When it is viewed on a smaller device a compact version of it is seen on the device. This is a big hassle for the viewers. In responsive web design, the dimensions are flexible and can be adapted according to the device. This helps them appear is a better way even on the screens of a mobile phones or tablets.

Images: Images are a huge issue when it comes to display on various devices. The way an image looks on a widescreen might not be as attractive when viewed on a smaller screen. Thus certain images of the website can be endowed with certain coding features helping them retain their emphasis. This scaling down can be achieved only in responsive mode of designing.

Content: This mode of web designing prioritises content. A lot of the things that the larger screen can accommodate become redundant for relatively smaller devices. In responsive web design, certain content is given priority and only that appears on the handheld devices helping make the site better to navigate. It also makes it look cleaner and crisper.


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